Monday, April 23, 2007

Still More Pike and Pierce

I'm afraid these will be a bit boring for a couple of days. I'm finishing up Tamora Pierce, which I am liking, and Christopher Pike, which is just not my favorite stuff. I will admit that I have been checking out a lot of the Pike now that I am reading it. The Accelerated Reader tests are pretty easy.

4/25-- Master of Murder was a bit odd, but I think students will like it. High School student Marvin is secretly a best selling mystery writer, and conniving girl tries to get him to solve the murder of her boyfriend. Big difference between Spooksville and regular Pike. A lot of mature subject matter, but written in such a bald way it's not that offensive.

Did get lazy over the weekend and read Summer at Tiffany, a memoir by Marjorie Hart about the summer circa 1945 that she and her friend traveled from Iowa to work for the summer in the big city. Quite fun, but of little interest to the students.

When I get through enough Pike, I have Melissa Kantor's new book, The Breakup Bible waiting for me. Looks lovely and PINK!

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