Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Christopher Pike

Must first say that I am not a horror fan. Students, however, routinely ask for Stephen King (read Carrie and Thinner last year and was surprised at how silly and vulgar they were-- I really thought that King would be better than that and was disappointed)or "books where people get killed". If this didn't happen so often, I would be in the conselours' offices frequently. Instead, I send them to more psychological thrillers.

But now, I don't have to! I have Christopher Pike, who actually predates R.L. Stine by one year, since Slumber Party came out in 1985, and Blind Date, by Stine, came out in 1986. Stine is, however, the second most popular author in Germany, after J.K.Rowling. (Cornelia Funke is third.)

Didn't care for Final Friends: The Dance. Doesn't really matter that it is the second book in the series-- there's a long recap. Plenty of unpleasant things happen, but it's a very soap opera-ish book, with seemingly random things popping up in a distracting manner. Look! He's building a telescope! Look! She's at Planned Parenthood! No, someone's parents are divorcing.

I also had trouble with a homecoming dance a few weeks before Christmas, after a basketball game and in a tent. This must be set somewhere a lot warmer than Ohio.

Chain Letter will be popular with the students, since students pay for accidentally killing a man in a car accident with all sorts of blood and gore. These books tend to be a bit on the mature side, with drinking and kissing.

I'll continue my march through. Must admit that Overdue sounds intriguing.

Also read Pierce's Trickster's Queen. Took me much longer than usual to read, since I know that once I finish reading about Tortall, I probably won't get to go back and visit. I especially admire how Pierce makes me care about each new heroine she introduces. Alanna's daughter Aly is my new favorite!