Friday, October 20, 2006

Some good, some bad.

Natasha Friend's Perfect was a well-balanced and accessible story about a girl seeking treatment for bulimia. Nothing fabulous, but very useful. It will check out a lot. Nothing objectionable.

Cathy Cassidy's Indigo Blue reminded me a little of Wilson's The Illustrated Mum-- two your sisters dealing with a dysfunctional mother who has been abused. Again, a topic the girls like to read, and one that is hard to find without inappropriate language or situations.

Pamela Lowell's Returnable Girl was okay, but didn't engage me as much as I thought. A girl finally finds a suitable foster home and works to undermine her own chances of success. Think I'll pass.

Edward Bloor's London Calling sounded promising, but failed to engage me. Traveling through time back to London during WWII sounds intriguing, but it takes too long to get into the story, and a lot of students have no patience with that.

Absolutely horrible was Lois Lowry's Gossamer. Annoying from page one, I didn't care what the creatures were or what they were doing. The language was stilted and odd, and I can see fans of Number the Stars or The Giver bringing this back the same day they checked it out and saying "Huh?" Not a hit from this generally good author.

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