Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Fun with food/Carolyn Wyman

Not exactly YA stuff, although I do have a copy of both Wyman's Jell-o: A Biography and Spam: A Biography, both of which circulate rather well when the 8th graders do nonfiction projects. Last night I read Better that Homemade: Amazing Foods that Changed the Way We Eat. Fun, fun stuff, and actually really good for middle school students to read. Covers manufactured food from tv dinners to marshmallow fluff and everything in between. Clever and witty as well as informative, the only down side is the silly soft cover, even though the price is $15.00. I suppose it could be sent to the bindery. May yet get it for my school.

There are a couple of Taschen books on advertising in the different decades that I saw (okay, bought) at Barnes and Nobles. I love this sort of book, and my daughter has started picking them up, too. Cultural history, right?

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