Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Nancy Werlin

Read Rules of Survival last night, and was so impressed. I recently had to create a list of books that cover various aspects of domestic abuse, because so many students ask for them. This book was perfect. It discussed the abuse, although it wasn't anything graphically sexual or overly disturbing, and it covered how the abuse affected the boy. It showed caring adults who were eventually successful in getting the children help. I will order at least two copies.

This author's other books; Double Helix, Killer's Cousin, and Locked Inside are all very popular. For some reason, I didn't get a copy of Black Mirror, but I was so impressed by this latest effort that I am going to read it again.

As for Leven Thumps and whatever happened in Foo, I perservered until I got to the single most unflattering portrayal of a teacher I have ever read. It was too painful to continue.

Katharine Paterson's The Master Puppeteer is good, though, and some of my historical fiction buffs will enjoy it.

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