Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Kate McMullan's series (Have a hot time, Hades; Keep a lid on it, Pandora; Say Cheese Medusa; etc. is a good example of why it's hard to be an adult and read young adult literature: these annoyed me ever so slightly. I love that they are funny takes on mythology, but reading them was somewhat painful. The students love them, I realize that, but I had a hard time reading Poseidon refered to as "Po" over and over, all numbers expressed in Roman numerals, and Greek words sprinkled hither and you ("Don't work up a drosis (sweat)!")

This, however, just means that I don't like to read them, not that they aren't great books for students, who usually read one and then beg me for more. They aren't great literature, but they fill a big need, so for that, I love them.

Plodded my way through McCaffrey's Dragonquest, which I liked less than the others because of all the bickering and fighting. Fighting, especially when dragons are involved, gets the books off the shelves, but this was more like bickering. Bleah.

Namioka's Village of the Vampire Cat was serviceable. Also read a biography of Tolkien, which was good. Gave a lot of insight.

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