Monday, May 08, 2006

Assorted reading

Two students insisted that I read Stefenie Meyer's Twilight (2006), and it wasn't bad. A little slow moving at the beginning, but the whole "in love with a vampire" plot will get many of the girls interested. I do not understand the fascination with vampires at this age, but it is certainly there. I think there is to be a sequel to this one. Main plot-- girl moves to rainy Washington state town, girl tries to make friends, girl falls in love with vampire, girl becomes target of another vampire, all must run and hide. It was pleasant enough, nothing objectionable.

And it was alphabetically close to where I am now-- Anna Meyers Graveyard Girl(1995) was a good historical novel about the yellow fever plague. Students often read Anderson's Fever 1783, so this would be a good follow up book. Fast paced, intriguing.

Walt Morey's Deathwalk (1991) with be good for the boys who like adventure and survival fiction. This one had a little more suspense than others, although with the requisite growing up and getting a grip.

Zilpha Keatley Snyder's Libby on Wednesday (1990) isn't for every student, but for the academically inclined students who don't get along with everyone, it would be serviceable. I liked the book, but somehow I didn't like Libby. Sure, she was homeschooled for a long time, but it seemed like she never got out with other children, at least from the way she acted toward them. Not a book in favor of homeschooling, even though Libby is portrayed as academically advanced.

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