Friday, May 19, 2006

Ellen Schreiber's Comedy Girl

Like Teenage Mermaid(2003), and have two copies of Vampire Kisses(2003) and have the sequels on order, but Comedy Girl didn't do anything for me. There wasn't anything that I hated about it, but also nothing that I really loved. Perhaps if the main character had been a socially inept boy who pursued stand-up comedy, I would have had readers for it, but it struck me as not pink enough for my pink, fluffy book fans, but too pink for the boys. Enjoyed it, but won't buy it. There's a limited amount of money I can spend on books, so if I don't love something, I don't get a copy.

Han Nolan's Summer of Kings (2005) looked interesting, but I don't need another civil rights movement book from the point of an adolescent white girl, even if she has decided to fall in love with a young black man. Nothing rang true or hit any cords with me at all. I was also not keen on this author's 1997 Dancing on the Edge, ("A young girl from a dysfunctional family creates for herself an alternative world which nearly restults in her death but which ultimately leads her to reality.") although one of my student's liked it well enough to but the Accelerated Reader test for it. I will have to look for a civil rights book from a different point of view.

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