Monday, November 05, 2012

OMG!!!! Major Squee-age!

The Sea of Monsters is being made into a movie! It comes out in August!! 

I know that the first one wasn't particularly true to the book, but it was good on its own as a movie. I am looking forward to this one, even though Anthony Head is replacing Pierce Brosnan as Chiron.

Mostly, I am happy because Rick Riordan is an AWESOME writer and person and deserves every good thing that happens to him. Here's my quote of the day from him:  “I still kind of feel like I’m a teacher,” he says. “I just have several million students in my classroom.”


LinWash said...

I just hope they do it justice. This is my favorite of the series and I would be CRUSHED if they treated it the way they treated Lighting Thief.

DMS said...

I love the Percy Jackson series. The first movie was good as a movie, but I had to separate it from the book. I will definitely see this one!

WKen said...

"Even though" Anthony Head is replacing Pierce Brosnan?

That's like saying you're happy even though you got a hot fudge sundae instead of plain yogurt!

Ahem ... I might have a different opinion than you do about the actors, I suppose.

I'll echo LinWash, here, this is a very good book and deserves better treatment than "Lightning Thief" got on the screen.

Melissa said...

Doesn't matter what else they do to this one, Nathan Fillion is Hermes. I am SO there. :-D

Iron Guy Carl said...

Yes, the movie worked as a movie but you just can't help thinking about the book when it's something this famous. There are bound to be comparisons. Hope they do better--but then the first one wasn't bad and I enjoyed it.
BTW--I agree with you--Rick Riordan definitely deserves all the good things he gets!

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