Tuesday, December 08, 2020

How's your pandemic going?

Yesterday, I wore a perfectly respectable black and white houndstooth skirt, black turtleneck, and red blazer with a black velvet collar. Granted, a little 1990, but a solid, professional choice about which a student remarked "When I first started here, I thought you were the principal." Dress above your pay grade, right?

After seeing a link to an article on Toddler Grandma Style, I realized that it spoke to many of my baser instincts about dressing myself-- all the colors! Weird jewelry you can see from space! Multiple layers! Of course, as anyone can tell, the shoes aren't quite right. Clearly, this screams out for cotton Mary Janes, which I just realized come in multiple colors. Those don't have enough support in them to wear at school, but man, does 14 year old me want several pair! Since I normally rock a preppy old lady look, this will make my principal wonder what evil plan I am implementing. 

Things are hard right now. Whatever it takes to get through the day is a good thing. It's hard to do something as simple as getting dressed in the morning. (Starting in March, I wore jeans and a cross country hoodie for 45 days straight when we were remote.)

I worked with several students yesterday who have 5% in most of their classes. They have done no work. They don't know where to start, and when they fall behind on assignments, it all seems impossible. The ability to focus is hindered by phones and a feeling that everything is pointless. 

Students look to us for clues on how to go onward. If we as teachers can show them that it is possible, although difficult,  to wear something besides sweat pants, and that we can get things done (I've read 835 books this year, and over the weekend made a cool utility apron out of an old pair of jeans!), it can't hurt. 

Besides, serving as a good example can motivate us as well. 

This message brought to you by my mother, whose voice lives in my head and who also would like very much to know why I haven't scrubbed the kitchen floor this week and don't have sub plans for three months in advance!


  1. Thanks to you and to your mother for this public service announcement :-). "Things are hard right now. Whatever it takes to get through the day is a good thing." and "serving as a good example can motivate us as well". The outfit is fabulous!