Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Top Ten Tuesday

Pretty much the only pet I will ever have from now on, now that Sylvie is gone, will be an older (8+) rescue dog, whom I assume will already have a name. Small dogs, predominantly poodle mixes, probably female, are really the only fuzzy creature with which I want to cohabit. I'm also not a fan of giving dogs people names; my Sylvie was named by my daughters. My preference would have been Ion (ee OWN), after the Greek chocolate bar, since she started out a very dark brown. If I actually ever get to name a dog, I would most probably use Tock (which strikes me as a male name) or Beany (for a female). 

Book characters I would name a pet:

  1. Laika, From van Eekhout's Voyage of the Dogs (and also space fame)
  2. Rider, after Alex Rider from Horowitz's Stormbreaker
  3. Beany, from Weber's Beany Malone series
  4. Wedgie, from Selfors' Wedgie and Gizmo, would have to be a Corgi. 
  5. Stick Dog, from Watson's Stick Dog series
  6. Thromdurr (from O'Donnell's Homerooms and Hall Passes), great for large dog
  7. Tock from Norton Juster's The Phantom Tollbooth, for any dog
  8. Gimli (from Tolkein'e Lord of the Rings, actual dwarf hamster)
  9. Miss Bianca (from Sharp's The Rescuers, actual hamster)
  10. Sylvie (from Townley's The Great Good Thing, actual Yorkipoo) 


  1. I think it's wonderful that you're committed to giving older rescue dogs homes. If I weren't allergic to dogs, I'd do the same thing.

    My post.

  2. For some reason I really like Beany. I think it would be a cute name for a dog.

  3. 3 cheers for rescue dogs!
    If you do get to name a dog, I think you will figure it out once you see their personality...that really helps (in my opinion). Plus you want something easy to yell when you want them to come inside :)

  4. These are all such great names, but I really can't get over Tock. Of course, The Phantom Tollboth has so many wonderful ones to choose from.