Friday, August 14, 2020

Blather, Pandemic Edition

The mood at school: tense, focused, determined-- roughly like this picture by John Lavery. Except on Google Meet. Students are online for the first nine weeks, and teachers are working very hard so that that they have the best possible experience. It's a constantly evolving process, and it's not perfect. 

We all know that it is a difficult position for parents as well. A huge percentage of teachers must figure out care for their own school age children, so they do understand. Covid-19 has created an atmosphere where we are caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place, with snakes basking in the sun on the rock, and scorpions poised to strike on the hard place. 

If we are all kind, cooperative, and patient, we will get through this. Frequent deep breaths, walks around the building (masked, of course), and patience with ourselves when videos won't upload to Schoology even though I'm using the exact same process I used twenty minutes ago, will allow us to survive. 

On the bright side, I delivered books to two students on my walk home, and I had a delightful e mail from an incoming 6th grader who wanted books that were so new, I suspect she has been reading my blog!

I hope that my readers are staying safe and finding ways to cope. If you need distraction, I read a lot this summer, so will still have a book review a day for you!

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