Friday, December 06, 2019

Stick Cat: Two Cats to the Rescue

Watson, Tom. Two Cats to the Rescue (Stick Cat #5)
September 24th 2019 by HarperCollins
Library copy

Stick Cat and Edith are enjoying their life in the suburbs, and have their new morning routine down- scamper out of the Door of Freedom in Goose and Tiffany's kitchen, climb trees, and watch the sun rise. They also enjoy hanging out with Millie, who is just starting to walk and whose favorite place is under the kitchen table, while breakfast is being made. One day, Millie heads out the Door of Freedom when Tiffany goes out to runs errands and thinks Goose is watching her-- while Goose thinks Tiffany has taken Millie with her. Stick Cat knows he must stay with the small human and keep her safe, and since Millie is Edith's favorite person, she goes along, although Edith's idea of being helpful is not fantastic. It is up to Stick Cat to keep Millie safe, and he gets help in the end from Stick Dog and his friends.
Strengths: Stick Cat has really upped his game, and Edith is becoming ditzier and ditzier, making this the funniest book of all. No, it's not great that Millie is outside alone, but the cats keep her safe. The way that Stick Dog helps get her home is brilliant. I love that Watson makes Millie's adventure seem absolutely possible. So much fun!
Weaknesses: Sadly, Goose and Tiffany never find out how brave Stick Cat is!
What I really think: I recently purchased a Perma Bound set of all of these titles, because they are the perfect read for 8th graders who are having a bad day. I've even checked them out to teachers!
Ms. Yingling

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