Saturday, December 07, 2019

Olga: Out of Control

Gravel, Elise. Olga: Out of Control (Olga #3)
Published September 24th 2019 by HarperCollins
Library copy

Olga's creature Meh has had a litter of babies, and Olga is quite busy cleaning out the refrigerator so the new family can nest there. She enlists her crew of friends to help, which is a good thing, because as the babies grow they wander a lot and poop rainbow poop everywhere! Before long, Awesome magazine wants to do a photo shoot with the babies and Olga, and a lot of pink and glitter is involved. She is also worried about Mu being edged out from his food, and is concerned about all the press her creatures are receiving. Luckily, she and her friends study want might be wrong with Mu and nurse him back to health, and Awesome magazine sends a big care package of things to help take care of the large brood.
Strengths: For my readers who have 25 bookmarks of Tabby Cats (by the way: don't do this. It can interfere with other Chrome functions!), this is a natural choice for cuteness. There are more pictures than Wimpy Kid and a Comic Sans style font, so it's an appealing balance. Olga has good friends, but also has to deal with popular girl (the Lalas) who challenge her a bit. The pets are a bit odd, but amusing.
Weaknesses: Keeping the babies in the fridge skeeved me out a bit, especially when they described how dirty the fridge was. Does Olga not have parents? We don't see them.
What I really think: I buy these and display them by the graphic novels, trying to tempt my students to read something with a few more words. These are not my personal favorites, but they circulate well enough.
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