Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Kidlitcon Providence

Heading out after work today to Providence, Rhode Island for Kidlitcon! I'm moderating a panel on Saturday afternoon: "Reaching Readers Part II: The Gatekeepers- (This panel continues the discussion on how to reach readers from the perspectives of librarians, teachers, and booksellers. How do you get the right book to the right kid? What strategies help you figure out what makes a book “right”? Gender, diversity, politics, and economics all come into play, making these simple questions a lot more complicated than they might seem at first!)

Super excited to be doing this with Melissa Fox, Sam Musher, Cindy Rodriguez and Carla Molina.

There are so many authors, bloggers, and people who deal with children's books coming to this event, and it's always great to meet new people and see (as my younger daughter puts it) my "creepy internet friends"! She's still not convinced that Charlotte is a real person.

I am a little worried that I will get lost on the way to Providence. I can get lost in my own town! Luckily, I am bring my daughter Claire with me, and she is generally good at getting places. And she has a smart phone.

Since I do not have a smart phone, I won't be posting things on Twitter or Instagram. If you've ever wondered why I only tweet before 7 a.m.-- that's why! Social media is blocked at my school during the day, as it should be, so that's about the only time I get to post.

I'll try to have some highlights on Monday! (Well, Tuesday. We're driving back on Monday.)

And yes, if students are reading this, there ARE people at my house, and Sylvie is guarding it. I always tell them NOT to post on social media when they are away from home, lest someone break in.



  1. Have a great time, Karen!! I wish I could be there but we are heading to the OPPOSITE coast. Looking forward to hearing the recaps next week!

    PS - Tell your daughter Charlotte is real. I met her. She is a lovely, lovely person. ;-)

  2. Probably missed you, but have a wonderful time!!