Friday, March 01, 2019

Friday Blather

Here's a picture of Sylvie. Take some deep breaths. Hug someone if the idea of touching other people isn't deeply repugnant to you. 

You know, I didn't have a good day yesterday. The problem? I work with people. People have problems. And then, when I'm foolishly upset about the problems, I have to continue talking to people and be pleasant and unperturbed. It's tiring. It takes the walk home to remember that being upset is utterly without purpose.

But you know what made it worse? When I went home to snuggle with Sylvie and take my mind off things by reading, I looked at five books. In those five books, there were 8 people who died, 15 if you could the seven astronauts in the Challenger Disaster.

And we wonder why students are anxious and depressed?

I managed to read one. This is an observation from that review: "[this] strikes me as the sort of book that teachers recommend to students rather than the sort they request from me. This is an ongoing dichotomy that I just don't understand, but which probably exists because tweens are not the ones who purchase books, their parents, teachers, and librarians do. If we asked tweens what they wanted and published accordingly, all that would hit the market would be humorous sports-oriented graphic novel murder mysteries. Surely, there is a happier medium!"

So. Happy Friday. Being upright, at work, and fully dressed is half the battle. Go, you!


  1. Sylvie looks good :-) It's always interesting to see what kids recommend to me vs. teachers and librarians (thankfully, sometimes they're the same books). Here's to the weekend, and hopefully happier reading...

  2. I hear you about those days when we have to hold ourselves together. sounds like you did a good job professionally. Hey, I'd like to invite you to join my reading challenge to read books from our own bookshelves. Check out the details: 'My Own Books' Reading Challenge