Sunday, October 14, 2018

Definitely Daphne

Charles, Tami. Definitely Daphne (series)
August 1st 2018 by Stone Arch Books
E ARC from Edelweiss Plus

Tami Charles, who came out with Like Vanessa in the spring, has a new series of short tween chapter books out. Unfortunately, I read the E ARC, which was the entire series together, and by the time I figured out it was four separate books, Summer Brain had set in and I don't feel I can review this properly. I know I did like the fact that the main character's mother was in the military, and she was struggling with frequent moves.

I will purchase this series, because at 96 pages each, my struggling readers can get a fun, realistic fiction series that makes them feel successful when they finish the books! I didn't quite buy Daphne's success as a vlogger, since after 12 years of blogging I only have about 300 followers, but students won't mind. I will probably buy these in paperback (for about $5) instead of the hardcover, which Titlewave lists at $18.54. That's the problem with some of the specialty easy reader titles (like Jake Maddox)-- the hardcovers are prohibitively expensive.

From the Publisher:
In front of her followers, Daphne is a hilarious, on-the-rise teen vlog star. But at school Daphne is the ever-skeptical Annabelle Louis, eighth-grade super geek and perennial new kid. To cope with her mom's upcoming military assignment in Afghanistan and her start at a brand new middle school, Annabelle's parents send her to a therapist. Dr. Varma insists Annabelle try stepping out of her comfort zone, hoping it will give her the confidence to make friends, which she'll definitely need once Mom is gone. Luckily there is one part of the assignment Annabelle DOES enjoy--her vlog, Daphne Doesn't, in which she appears undercover and gives hilarious takes on activities she thinks are a waste of time. She is great at entertaining her online fans, yet her classmates don't know she exists. Can Annabelle keep up the double life forever?
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