Thursday, October 25, 2018

Conferences-- Blather

I haven't done a book fair for about five years, because with a Scholastic fair I never made enough for cash profit, and there were only so many books I wanted to have to process. I am having a Follett fair this year, and so far it has gone very well as far as selection, set up and ease of use. If I have $300 in profit, I will be very surprised, but it was worth a try. The super nice thing is that I order all of my library books from Follett Titlewave, and I can apply any profit there.

We also had the cross country banquet on Tuesday, so three nights in a row of not getting home until 9:00 p.m. gets a bit wearing. What thoughts get me through?

I'm glad I'm old. Younger teachers were complaining that we had a fire drill while they were wearing skirts and real shoes. Young whippersnappers, I could run a marathon in my pleated skirts, turtlenecks, Sag Harbor blazers and Clarks loafers. This is my outfit from now until the middle of April, so it's not surprising that one of the 8th grade boys (when another student was being reminded not to sag because "if you don't want to see an outfit on Ms. Yingling, you shouldn't wear it yourself"!) described it as his favorite outfit that I wear. Kids pay attention.

Pale cornflower blue. Okay, so it's very 1980s, but it's also the color of my living room. My library is an orangey-brown yellow that looks like baby poop. I haven't seen the sky since Monday. I think about this color, and Pfalzgraf Tea Rose and Yorktowne dishes.

The Brothers Gibb. Yes, Andy, I will be more than happy to lay my troubles on your shoulder. Also, if you and Barry would like to help clean up book fair, I'm totally fine with that.

Here's to whatever it takes to get your to Friday!

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