Friday, November 06, 2015

I'm an Alien and I Want to Go Home!

23719310Franklin, Jo. I'm an Alien and I Want to Go Home! 
November 10th 2015 by Clarion Books
E ARC from Edelweiss Above the Treeline

Daniel Kendal is sure that he can't possibly be related to his family-- they all have blue eyes and are short, and there are no pictures of him as a baby. Not only that, but there is an article in his mother's album about a meteor crash around the time that he was born. He must be an alien. With the help of his friends, Eddie (who likes to eat a lot) and Gordon (who carries his laptop around his neck), he tries to figure out how to get back home to Kepler 22b. The trio has a number of goofy adventures, like trying to cryogenically freeze Daniel, raise money to fly him to Russia, and save his parents from people who think that aliens will come for them.
Strengths: There is a developmental stage where children think they can't possibly be part of their families, but I think it occurs a bit sooner than middle school. This had mildly amusing situations, and might be just the ticket for elementary school.
Weaknesses: Eddie and George were a bit too stereotypical for my taste, and Daniel didn't have much in the way of a personality at all.
What I really think: Mackel's Can of Worms addresses the issue of a child who thinks he doesn't belong on Earth in a more amusing fashion. This was fine, but just a bit weak. Perhaps it's just too young for my demographic, so didn't quite click with me.

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