Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Snow Rollers!

Karen Yingling's photo.I have never seen a snow roller before, but they were in the park on my way home and in my back yard! They are caused by chunks of snow being blown across the snow and look a bit like rolls of paper towels or white jelly rolls.

It was so weird. Since we had no school in Westerville because of extreme temperatures, I did venture out, but my thermometer reads -15!

My house is to the right of the fence. Got my shadow and everything!

Part of our cross country course, when the weather isn't quite so bad. Highlands Park Pool to the left.

I love the trails that they leave behind. And the whole Swiss roll look. 

More of our cross country course. I adore my back yard, but there is certainly no running around the path right now!

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  1. Amazing! We have tons of snow but nothing cool like that.