Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Day of the Blizzard

Admittedly, I have not been very organized in my reviews this year. Been a bit hectic, so I've found it hard to focus. Plus, I've been doing some comfort reading, which tends to be things like Elizabeth Peters, Maud Hart Lovelace (thanks again, Charlotte!) and the occasional treat, like Day of the Blizzard. One of the few books I actually remember reading in middle school was I Am Rosemarie, which was a fictionalized account of Ms. Moskin's experiences during World War II. I went to great lengths to obtain two copies for my school library, but I had never seen anything else by this author until I happened upon this book. Many thanks to ILL and the Delaware County District Library for the opportunity to read this little gem.

And yes, more organization is forthcoming.

847209Moskin, Marietta. Day of the Blizzard
November 16th 1978 by Putnam Publishing Group 

In 1888, Katie is taking care of her ill mother and twin younger brothers when her father doesn't come home from his job as a train conductor. Mr Reilly, who also works for the railroad, says the weather is bad, and he must have been delayed. This would not be a problem, except that Katie's mother's prize broach has been pawned to pay for medicine for the twins, and the ticket comes due. The weather has taken a bad turn, but Katie heads out to the pawn shop. Along the way she gets stuck on the train but makes it to the pawn shop, where the kindly owner and his wife encourage her to stay out the storm, but she bravely heads home, almost falling asleep in a snow bank, and receiving help from several people before making it home safely.
Strengths: This is a great book for avid elementary school readers of history. I was always enthralled with snow tales, stories set in the city, and Girls Against the Odds. I can just see myself reading this as I waited for the school bus to come in the 4th grade. I would have adored it.
Weaknesses: Out of Print. Sigh.


  1. Charlotte is the best source of comfort reading out there, isn't she? Not to worry about organization, either--you always seem to be on top of things from where I sit!

  2. It's nice the Pawn Shop owner is kindly--so often they are villains, which must be hurtful for them.

    I will look for this one for reading in summer when it is too hot!