Monday, May 27, 2013

Prizes for MotherReader's 48 Hour Book Challenge

My plan is to have preliminary instructions for all MotherReader 48 Hour Book Challenge procedures up on this Friday, a week in advance. This gives me an opportunity to correct obvious mistakes, of which there will no doubt be many.

Prizes. Sigh. You will notice that I do very few giveaways, just because like many facets of modern life (like Riffle, Pinterest, and Instagram), they tend to kerflummox me.

So here are thoughts. I want people to get books who want the books. I would like the people to get said books, which have been kindly donated by publicists and publishers, to at least review or mention them on their blogs, in way of recompense. Prize awarding should be easy for both recipients and for me.

And, obviously, people need to work a bit and put in the reading in order to be eligible. Only fair.

Once I have all the packages assembled, I will assign categories in which one can win, just as MotherReader did. The person who reads the most gets first choice, etc. There will definitely be winners in the "numbers of hours read" categories, but I think I will throw in a "most middle grade or longer books read" category, because that is where I would be winning!

MotherReader does an awesome job at going to all the participating blogs and figuring out who has the most hours/books; I'm thinking I'll be lucky to assemble a spread sheet of people reporting through comments and not goof it up. This is where I don't think Rafflecopter will work. Sigh.

I am hoping that people are doing the Book Challenge for the awesome party atmosphere more than anything else, and that you will all be understanding of the fact that I am trying to do my best!

Whew. Now, I really should be off to investigate Armchair BEA,  which always looks like such fun, but which frightens me away by using terms like "agenda" and "Instagram Challenge". Sigh.


  1. Anonymous10:47 AM EDT

    Oh I see. I think I understand a lot better now.

  2. Go awesome party atmosphere! Woot!

    I can't even compete in the most books read category, since I usually use the challenge to finish up all the books I have bookmarks lying around in. So i'm ineligible from the start and don't have to worry my pretty head about it all.

    If you are running it, you get to do whatever works for you. And telling people to report in rather than chasing all over the internet if they want prizes seems completely reasonable.