Wednesday, December 05, 2012


SuperCody, Matthew. Super. 
25 September 2012, Knopf
Copy from YABooks Central and reviewed there.

This sequel to Powerless find Daniel and his friends back and still worrying about the influence of Herman Plunkett. After Plunkett's great nephew Theo is nearly killed when his car goes over a rail near where the friends are hanging out, the crew feels a need to investigate several things. Why did Eric's powers leave him? Why was Daniel able to help? Is Theo good or evil? Will the family find the information about the Supers in Herman's papers? When the Shroud starts to manifest all over town, it's clear that the investigations need to be stepped up. Daniel has hidden the ring that he got from Plunkett and kept it a secret from his friends, but it may be the key to all of the odd things happening.
Strengths: In the three years since the first book came out, super heroes have become a hot new thing with middle grade readers. This was a highly anticipated sequel in my school! Great cover, and intriguing story with plenty of action and suspense.
Weaknesses: The first book had a lot of information about the history of comic books that I found interesting, while this did not until close to the end. Daniel seemed to make some of his own problems in this book, and I didn't find it quite as interesting as the first book.

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