Saturday, December 15, 2012

D is for Drama

D Is for DramaWhittemore, Jo. D is for Drama
7 August 2012, Aladdin; Copy from publisher
Nominated for the Cybils by P.J. Hoover

Sunny Kim is incensed that she has another bit part in a school production at her arts academy, especially since her sort-of friend was on the selection committee. Since her mother was a famous Korean actress, her family expects her to do better. When she sort of tells them that she has a lead role, she approaches the director about doing a one woman show... which morphs into a full scale production of Wicked with all of the students who never get leads in the school play-- the school bully, an overweight girl who sings really well, a girl who spits, a boy who stutters. When Sunny finds out that the others on the selection committee wanted her but Ilana thought it would be "weird" to have an Asian Mary Poppins, it's all out war, especially since Ilana and Sunny are both romantically interested in Chase. A lot is on the line with Sunny's play, because her mother is having an agent come to the performance. Things go well with Chase, but the production hits a snag, in part because of a budget cut so that the Mary Poppins production can get costumes tailored. Will Sunny be able to call on her friends and pull things together?
Strengths: Very fun, well written, and one that the girls will probably like. The multicultural aspect was nice to have included.
Weaknesses: VERY negative. I wanted to slap Sunny several times, and she was the NICE character. I also could not believe that the director would allow a student lead production to be staged at the same time, and when Sunny's budget was CUT to $1,000 I about choked on my tea. The only play performed at my school had no budget at all. I enjoyed this, but wish it had been nicer and more believable.

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