Saturday, October 27, 2012

Letters to Leo

Letters to Leo

Hest, Amy and Julia Denos. Letters to Leo.
27 March 2012, Candlewick
Nominated for the Cybils by Linda Baie

Annie is glad that she has a new puppy, and she's bound and determined that he will be a good dog for her father, who is a bit less than thrilled. Since Annie likes to write a lot, she writes advice, poems, etc. to Leo in order to make sense of her fourth grade year. Her teacher is a little mean (and expecting a baby) and not nearly as nice as her teacher last year, Ms. Meadows, whom she hopes will be interested in her father, since her mother has passed away. Her friend Jean-Marie moves to New Jersey, she gets to meet a famous author, and she is worried that her father is lonely despite her and Leo. Annie makes is through the fourth grade and is ready for a summer at the family's cottage... and a visit from Ms. Meadows.
Strengths: Loved the illustrations of Leo-- super cute! Amy's voice is authentic and her concerns will speak to younger students. This is sort of a modern day B is for Betsy.
Weaknesses: The artifice of writing to the dog wears thin.

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