Sunday, August 05, 2012

The Boy Recession

Meany, Flynn. The Boy Recession.
7 August 2012, Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

Even in the fairly affluent halls of Julius P. Heil High, there are cuts being made. The music program is completely demolished, which makes Kelly and Hunter sad. Cuts to the sports programs have encouraged a large number of boys to go to private schools. While Kelly and her friends Aviva and Darcy are not happy that there are fewer boys in the school, this works out well for Hunter and his goofy friend Eugene, who are suddenly more appealing to the girls given the sheer dearth of available males. While Hunter is enjoying his good fortune, he also comes to the realization that Kelly is a girl he would like to spend more time with, if it isn't too late.
Strengths: Ms. Meaney does a very credible job writing from a boy's point of view. Some very funny but rather inappropriate lines come out of Eugene and Hunter's conversations. This is a fun, high school beach read. I like the cover, too.
Weaknesses: Since the chapters alternate between Hunter and Kelly's points of view, I'm not sure who the best audience for it would be. Girls will probably be put off by some of Hunter's observations, and the boys will not care too much about the social trauma that the girls go on about.


  1. I have not heard of this one! I think it sounds interesting. I like that it switches POV- kind of like the book Flipped, but for older kids. I think kids that enjoyed Flipped in middle school would probably like this based on your review. Maybe some girls would enjoy Hunter's observations- especially if they don't have brothers or guy friends who show them that side.

    Great review- sounds like a super book!

  2. The humor sounds very similar to her previous book, Bloodthirsty, with the funny but inappropriate lines.