Saturday, August 18, 2012

Saturday Morning Cartoons-- Funky Winkerbean

The Complete Funky Winkerbean 1972-1974Batiuk, Tom. The Complete Funky Winkerbean, Volume I, 1972-1974.

I was a hall monitor. Because I was a good student, I got the most out of the way post-- third floor past the cafeteria, third floor at the top of the stairs by Mr. Morlock's room. I was always kind of sad, however, that I didn't have a machine gun mounted on my desk, the way that Les Moore did. In recent years, Funky has become much less funny and more Mary Worth-like, but I still read it because, well, I guess the whole gang was kind of like the cool, older kids. Plus, rumor has it that Mr. Dinkle was based on the band director at my high school!

It was great to be able to revisit the original strips and find out more about their genesis. Batiuk went to Kent, where my daughter will be living in just a few days! I don't know that middle school students would understand all of the strips-- there are some political items, some outdated technology, etc., but they are still FUNNY strips. Plus, I love how well the clothing and hair of the time is captured. Yeah, Les and his daughter climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro recently, but it was more fun to read about Les and Funky in high school. *Sigh*

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