Thursday, April 05, 2012

Common Core Classes, Anyone??

Here is a plea for information. Like all educators, I need to have six graduate credits every five years to renew my certificate. My favorite place to take course, Ashland University, no longer offers much at the Columbus campus, and there isn't much on line.

Anyone know of any online courses addressing Common Core Standards? It would be great to have one on research, and one on literature. Sounds like a couple of three credit hour classes right there, but I can't find them. Any good sources? I'm sure a lot of people need these.

I'll post anything forwarded to me!


  1. Have you tried Simple K12? They often offer free webinars, and I know they have offered one on Common Core. You can also join their learning community and enjoy any of their webinars for free. The learning community is a yearly fee, but it still may be cheaper than an online course and they offer credits, but you'll have to check to see if they are compatible for your certificate credits. Here's a link to some of their upcoming free webinars: Simple K12 Webinars

  2. Just checked my email and got a message about courses through PBS that are aligned with common core. Don't know if you could get it in your area, but it might be something to check out.

    TeacherLine Southeast

    PBS LearningMedia

  3. Ms. Yingling - I am not sure about Common Core Standards course. (Would be nice to find a intensive summer course for that, wouldn't it?)

    But, try:

    There is a list of courses offered during the summer. Each one is 3 semester hours of graduate credit. The cost is decent, I suppose. Like most graduate classes offered for 'non-program' graduate students, you will get out of the courses as much as you put into them. I have taken a few over the years. Getting it all done in one week is an absolute bonus!

    Let me know if you want more info.