Friday, February 24, 2012

Who's Who Among Fascinating Librarian Bloggers

Hmmmm. Remember when you were a senior in high school and you got these letters that said you would be included in a gorgeous, leather bound copy of Who's Who in American High School Students... as long as you sent in $25?

I've been nominated for the "award" pictured at left. The prize is a $200 restaurant gift card, which seems highly suspect. As does the awarding body and the fact that I was nominated for a Happy Haul-idays post in 2010.

Voting starts on 27 February HERE and ends on 6 March.

If you have time to spare and feel I am worthy, go ahead and vote. With four teenagers in the house, money for food is always good.

I will say that I was able to print out the $25 restaurant gift certificate, although I haven't tried to use it.Still suspicious, And when I looked around, I found this article about search engine optimizations.

It seems likely that this organization is trying to get more visitors. Since they are, in fact, paying me for sending traffic their way, I am conflicted. I don't take money for posts. All I take is ARCs, because it's easier to review books if I can get a copy. So we'll see. Should we click on their links so I can get more free Mexican food? That's what it amounts to.


  1. This is probably a SEO scam. These degree program sites use top-100 lists and contests to link to rigged "search engines" that send people to a limited (maybe single) program. They make their money off the ad clicks. I'm pretty sure that one of the library bloggers in my feed reader just linked to an explanation post about this last week. (Not this contest, the scam in general.)

  2. Yay-congratulations! I will vote early and often. Wow-four teenagers! Bless you!

  3. My nomination was for a 2012 post, so I guess they didn't find my history worth digging into. And I'm not a librarian.

    Anyway, I think they look for posts with the most comments.

    I'll probably vote for you. You have more teenagers.