Saturday, February 25, 2012

Double by Jenny Valentine

Valentine, Jenny. Double.
Chap is brought into a homeless shelter in London where he is mistaken for Cassiel Roadnight, a boy who has been missing for two years. He knows that he doesn't belong with the over medicated mother, Helen, sister Edie or rich but disturbing brother Frank, but the appeal of being with a family to take care of him is so appealing that he goes along with the charade. He remembers being raised by a reclusive and alcoholic grandfather who loved him dearly but was not capable of going out into the real world. After Chap gets settled with his "family", he runs into an old friend, Floyd, who realizes that Chap isn't Cassiel... because he thinks that Frank killed Cassiel! The two try to unravel the mystery which includes embezzling, kidnapping, mistaken identities and murder.
Strengths: Once again, the British do murder mysteries like no one else. This was reminiscent of the Time Bowler Blade books, and Bedford's Flip, and was creepy and highly atmospheric. It took lots of twists and turns, all which seemed creepily believable. SO good! (And the cover is reminiscent of the new Todd Strasses mysteries.)
Weaknesses: Might be a bit of a stretch for students not used to reading British books.

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  1. I reviewed this one this week too.

    I agree with your thoughts. It seemed older somehow -- I think because of the Britishness of it, and there were a few random themes that seemed older.