Monday, February 14, 2011

"A GOOD book won!"

The above quote is by my daughter, Picky Reader, whose favorite nominee for the Cybils middle grade science fiction and fantasy award WON!! (Jacqueline West's The Shadows.) She did a happy dance, although I was slightly sad that Royce Buckingham's The Dead Boys didn't win because my students love it. At any rate, check out the winners!

And look what's coming out on July 12-- book two: Spellbound!

And, if you are interested in tech matters, hop over to E is for Book, where my comment on advising students about e-books received some attention. I do think that eventually I will be able to have these resources for students, but right now we are still running into a lot of tech difficulties, like the fact that the school computers won't work with Adobe E-pub. There are a growing number of students with e-readers, and hopefully I will be able to help them find good books as well.

I talked to our tech person, who is looking into getting the Adobe Digital Editions software to load onto the school computers. We'll see! I have downloaded audiobooks for students, and tell them about The Ohio E Book Project, but it's been slow going.


  1. I saw your comment on the E is for book site!
    I realize that some high schools are checking out Kindles & other e-books, but it will be a while for the rest of us to get to that point. So I understand & agree with your concern. Last week I just showed kids how they can check out e-books at the public library website. That might be a way to leverage the availability of e-books for your students?

  2. Thanks for lending your words to the E is for Book blog, Ms. Yingling. And also for linking back to us!

    Re EPUB are you saying that the Adobe Digital Editions reader app can't be installed on your school computers?

  3. So glad your daughter loved it! It was one of my faves on the list (well, ok, my fave :)