Friday, February 11, 2011

Girl Meets Guy Friday

Disclaimer: I've never been a guy.

So when I found out that Jonathan Liu at the Geek Dad Blog came up with lists of books with strong female characters that he felt should be read by BOTH boys and girls, I was very excited. It's one thing for me to claim a book is good for boys, but I am missing a very important qualification!

Boys Read Pink has been going very well at my library, and I'm going to create a display of the books on Jonathan's lists. The only book I think is not here is the Tamora Pierce Alanna: The First Adventure, which circulates well with boys all the time.

Thanks, Jonathan, for doing my job for me today, especially since the library is closed so I can go roller skating with our Renaissance students. Hop over to the Geek Dad Blog at Wired.Com and check out these great recommendations!


  1. Thanks for highlighting my lists! The only reason Tamora Pierce hasn't made it on my lists is that I haven't read them myself (and we don't have a full GeekDad review of it yet from any other writers). But I'm planning a reader-suggestion list and I know I've gotten that recommendation more than once.

  2. Do you think e-books will impact boys reading pink? I am curious what will happen when others can't see the book.