Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Limited blogging

The union to which I am required to belong is currently working without a contract. Because there are apparently difficulties in negotiations, the union is asking that we "work to the rule". For me, this means coming in two and a half hours later than usual, at 7:30, and leaving promptly at 3:10. We are also not supposed to work at home outside of these hours.

This is difficult for me. When I asked the union reps if they thought I could still read and blog, they said that I could.

At first I was relieved, but then it occurred to me that the union does not, therefore, consider the three or more hours I read young adult literature at home work. I do not grade, I don't have lesson plans, but this does not mean I go home at the end of the day with nothing to do.

There are a few ARCs that I need to review in a timely manner, but the additional wrinkle is that my home computer is still in the shop. I do not read or blog during contract time (this is a bit of my 30 minute lunch I was not able to take earlier) even though it is necessary to my job.

Please hope that this issue will resolve itself quickly.


  1. wow, harsh. i hope the situation works out to your satisfaction. i'll miss your frequent posts! here's hoping your computer is fixed soon.

  2. As someone opposed to joining ANYTHING, I am not wildly in favor of unions. Particularly ours at the moment, which is requiring my 10 hour a week student aide to join the union - and pay rather large union dues for...what? Grrr. Hope you get things cleared up soon.

  3. You raise an interesting point. Clearly reading books is part of what makes us good librarians. I find that children really only respond to recommendations I make because I've actually read the book. So it is part of our work. Yet, in another way it is just part of what makes us "us." If the union had said "don't read," could you stop?

  4. Bummer! Hope things get worked out soon. Reading really is such a huge part of being a librarian.