Saturday, September 25, 2010

Further Adventures With Technology

Borrowed the Kindle from school for the weekend and found a Killer App-- I can get the first chapter of books for free! At the time I thought about this, I had both Adam Rex's Fat Vampire and Jeri Smith-Ready's Shade in my hands, but downloaded the free sample anyway. Both books dropped the F-Bomb in the first chapter, and Fat Vampire had some other discussions that made it more of a high school book, even though I love the cover. Yes, it is the author's perogative to be coarse and vulgar; it is also my perogative to use the tax payer's money to buy other books more suited to my students' needs.

The point is-- I can now read first chapters without waiting for the library copies! Whoo hoo!!!

The Kindle also has a word scramble game. This is a bad distraction to have!

I am also still listening to This World We Live In on my MP3 player, which is taking forever, and I missed the last part of the first section. There is no good way to rewind an MP3, so I'll have to look at the book to find out what I missed. Hearing the book lends a much more hysterical note to it than reading it has. The only good part about listening to a book is that it is possible to absorb the story with one's eyes closed!

May venture to Barnes and Noble tomorrow and investigate the Nook. As Jim at Teacher Ninja points out, it's just fun to say!


  1. Nook is fun to say, but it's only better than the Kindle if you like an ereader that's heavier, slower and doesn't have as good a contrast.

    I only know this from reviews of course. I don't actually own one.

    Like the new blog template!

  2. Audiobooks + closed eyes = sleep and not knowing how much you missed (and rewinding isn't easy!)

    I had that happen a lot while listening to the audiobook of Atlas Shrugged. All those pages-long diatribes by John Galt put me to sleep. :-)

  3. I LO-O-O-OVE my Kindle! And I love that I can do the samples on it, too.

    Like the new blog format! Nice and clean :)