Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Friend is Not a Verb

Ehrenhaft, Daniel. Friend is Not A Verb
Loved this author's Tell It To Naomi and Drawing a Blank which are, sadly, out of print. I wasn't as keen about his other titles, but I was looking forward to this because it was a boy romance book. Hen has been dumped both as bass player and boyfriend by Petra, and is disconsolate. His sister, who has been missing for a year because of something vague and illegal returns. His long time friend, Emma, starts to have romantic appeal, but this budding relationship is compromised when Petra asks him to be in the band again.

I thought that this book didn't interest me because I am not a boy, so I gave it to Surly Teen Boy, who dutifully read it and commented "Eh". When forced to elaborate, STB said that nothing really happened, he didn't care much for any of the characters, and the mystery was not much of a mystery and too easily solved.

Other people liked it more than I did. Maybe I really am 105 and grumpy!
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