Tuesday, July 06, 2010


I love work. I love school. I love getting up at obscenely early hours and going to my library to read book reviews, work on book orders, etc. Summer is always hard for me, because I am at home most of the time, where I feel compelled to clean things. (Today was the computer desk. Math Blaster floppy from 1989, anyone?)

This is what my library looks like right now.

Looking toward the cafeteria, where all of my books are piled in boxes. The circulation desk used to be on the left.

It echoes.

It is immeasurably sad.

It will be lovely when it is all done.

Looking toward the back of the library, where the mini computer lab is going to be. They have taken down the magazine rack, the entire glass wall, and even the light switch. There is nothing in the library. Not a shelf, not tile, not carpeting, not a stick of furniture. Nothing. It is a bare, empty, soulless space that makes me weep.

These pictures were taken last Thursday, so I am hoping that there is at least some painting going on when I check tomorrow.

It will be lovely when it is all done.


  1. Wow, a full makeover, huh? It will rock! Can't wait to compare the before/after pix.

  2. My Darlin' Hubby says it would make a great wrestling practice room...


  3. Yes, post pictures of the work in progress.