Wednesday, June 09, 2010

The Body Finder

Kimberly Derting. The Body Finder.
Violet has long known that she can find dead bodies-- she gets a feeling from the area where they are, and also from people who had something to do with their death. When a serial killer starts attacking girls near Violet's town, she and her friend/crush get involved, and Violet is soon put in danger. The was a creepily good read, with a well-done love interest, but I'd go with the grade 9 and up recommendation from School Library Journal. There's nothing sexually graphic, but the chilling chapters of the serial killer following girls and abducting them would not be something I would want to put into the hands of a 6th grader. Lots of people have liked this one, and the cover is beautiful.

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All the books being moved out of the library today! Maybe at some point in the next two weeks my reviews will become slightly more coherent.


  1. I agree the cover is beautiful Haven't read this one yet, but it's on my summer list.

    Sounds like you are working hard this summer in your library. Great work! Your students will hopefully appreciate it.


  2. I read this one recently too, and I agree--while I liked the love story and was happy at how relatively chaste it was, I was found the kidnapper stalking aspect creepy. I have a middle school daughter and she won't be reading this one soon! Though when she's a bit older, I would hope it might remind her (from somebody besides me!) about being smart with regard to strangers.