Thursday, November 05, 2009

What I Did Today

All I seemed to accomplish yesterday was to get one DVD player out of the box, labeled, and connected to a television. I felt that I needed to be more organized and work harder, so I kept track of most of what I did today. If nothing else, this shows that I am doing SOMETHING with my time.

4:40-4:50—Bike to Work
4:50-5:00—Straightened back work room and self (see bike ride, above)
5:30- 6:15- Printing, sorting, and delivering overdue reports
6:15- 6:30-E mail (20 messages)
6:30-7:00- Database fixes and overdue paperwork
Consulted with language arts teachers on November requirements.
7:00-7:45- Assembling all equipment inventories in preparation for bar coding all equipment and entering it into Destiny database.
7:45—Roaming hall with cart to collect books, assembling chorus for…
8:00—Singing on announcements (Chorus chickened out)
8:05-Class (Class= 30 minutes and include 3 minute talk (about book fair), readers’ advisory and check out for 30 students. Followed always by study hall students, then checking in books.)
High school student shelver and new middle schooler arrive for training.
Show students how to use Publisher for Greek Gods Project (repeated throughout day)
Take money for two lost books.
Put new barcodes on four books
E Mail Ancient Rome project rubric to 7th grade social studies teachers
Consulted with MD teacher about having her students do an assessment in library
Fixed printer jam
Fiddled with work area set up, moved desks
Checking e mails (15)
Checking on book fair volunteers
Instructing parent volunteer on work to do
Disemboweling dead overhead for parts
Sharpening pencils
11:10- Class
11:35- Class
Fixed printer jam
Printed Rome Project papers
12:10- Class
12:30-1:00 Lunch, checked mail, conferred with teachers about Rome project
Rescheduling book fair visits because of assembly
1:10-Class E Mail (10)
Instructing second parent volunteer on work to do
Fixed printer jam
Helped teachers with laptop computers
2:00—Worked on updating inventory with students
Checked on book orders
2:45- Checked in all books
Filed all cards
Ran overdue report
Cleaned up library
3:30- Will leave. Really. Have a haircut, which is really work related, so I don't scare children!

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  1. Wow! You're amazing. Now see, THIS is completely valuable to me as an SLMS student. I know that I'd make one of the goals on my 3-yr plan to get new friggin printers soon, that's for sure!