Monday, November 02, 2009

Philosophical Musing #2

Why is it that we all want to be noticed by the universe? Jen Robinson's page alerted me to this article in School Library Journal about book bloggers. Why do I want to be on this list? Isn't it enough to keep doing my job and hope that I have some effect on the students at my school?

This article did raise interesting points. To what end do bloggers write? Do they hope to influence publishing? Sell more books? Wow. I keep hoping that authors will write more skateboarding books, but I don't think I'll make it happen.

Why I blog? I've said it before, but I guess it's always good to remember-- I read a huge number of books. The blog helps me remember and gives my students a way to make sure I am doing my job. My hope is that teachers and librarians who don't have time to read as many books will use my blog as a tool to know more about books than they do, and perhaps introduce them to some good books they can then use with their children.

But wouldn't it be nice to be on the cover of School Library Journal? Congratulations to the bloggers who are. The more good people we have commenting on books, the easier it is for the rest of us to keep on top of the huge number of new books that are coming out.


  1. I would totally put you on the cover! Your blog is one of the most helpful for my collection development - and fun to read!

    I must admit that I blog mostly b/c after a while you run out of people to grab and force to listen to you as you babble on about books. You start getting odd looks and they edge away...

  2. If you didn't blog, I'd be stumped as to what books to put on hold for the voracious fantasy fiction reader who no longer sees you on a daily basis to pester for new books!