Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Story of...

Also in this Creative Education series are McDonald's, Coca Cola, Disney, Ford, Microsoft and Starbucks. What I like about them is that they give concise but informative histories of companies which interest children. They are short (46 pages) but cover all the information needed, well-illustrated, and inexpensive ($13.66 in Follett Bound). The bright covers attract children. I recommend them for students who have "nothing to do" in study hall. As with most nonfiction, the Accelerated Reader levels on these are high.

LaFevers' second Lothar's Blade book is a must if your library has a big Deltora Quest following. Kenric, having rescued his father from the evil clutches of Lord Mordig, must visit the Fey to try to figure out the secret that will save his world from encroaching evil. The Fey don't want him, his goblin buddy is annoying, and he doesn't yet know what he must do, but he gets to have a lot of adventure while figuring it all out. These are a little cheesy and derivative, but great fun, and a good introduction to fantasy for younger children or struggling middle school readers.

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  1. Glad to see "The Story of..." series reviewed. I like it, too.