Thursday, September 03, 2009

Fast Talk on a Slow Track

Rita Garcia-Williams' 1991 book is good, but somewhat dated. Denzel is the valedictorian of his class, and has been accepted into Princeton with the understanding that he will take a remedial summer program. This makes him angry, not only because he thinks he is smart enough not to need remediation, but because he begins to realize that he does. When he returns home from the summer program, he gets a job selling candy door-to-door and realizes that he is a good salesman. He begins to think that his future lies in this direction rather than college, until he sees things go wrong for friends who are heading in that direction, and it's clear to him that even though college will be hard work, it will be worth it.

The cover on my copy is very dated, with an early Will Smith hairdo on the character of Denzel. Still, this is a good title for fans of the Bluford High series, and while it has an important message, does not become overly preachy.

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  1. The Bluford High books are that old? We have a lot of kids ask for them (I send them upstairs to our YA Loft) and they are always checked out with waitng lists.