Sunday, July 05, 2009

Mediums and Vampires

Read the third Elizabeth Cody Kimmel Suddenly Supernatural book, Unhappy Medium. I love Kimmel's work, especially Lily B. She has a knack with creating real, interesting characters with whom I want to spend a lot of time. Kat and her friend Jac are going to a summer music camp-- since in the last book, Jac was torturing her mother by wanting to give up playing cello, she swings a deal that allows Kat to come to camp with her. Of course, Kat sees a ghost as soon as she gets there-- and the problem is that the ghost thinks Kat is the one who's the spirit. Nicely tied together with information about historical interest in the supernatural, this also addressed Jac's interest in a violin player and well as the relationship between Jac and her mother. Don't be put off by the horrible binding and the slightly large print-- these are great books. I'll be recommending them to Picky Reader in the fall.

Also read the second Kevin Emerson book, The Sunlight Slayings. Oliver thinks he has killed his new human friend, Dean (although he really can't remember details of the night) and is somewhat relieved when Dean comes back as a zombie. Now they can hang out together. However, it seems like Emalie is trying to kill other vampire children using an old curse that makes sunlight come from inside of them and turn them to dust. Oliver's father is on the case, but obviously, Oliver is much more capable of solving the crime. I like the way that Emerson makes up whole vampire mythologies and explains them quite effortlessly. There are enough ooky, blood-based meals to entice the middle school boys. All in all, I like these MUCH better than Heather Brewer's books, which are wildly popular at my school. It's nice to see a vampire book in which the main characters are NOT named Vlad. I'm looking forward to reading books three through five.

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  1. Anonymous1:29 PM EDT

    I loved the Suddenly Supernatural series by Kimmel. I'm glad you enjoyed it as well and decided to blog about it!