Thursday, July 23, 2009

Back from Ireland!

I have worked my way through a large variety of Jacqueline Wilson books, but since I read 8 of them while in a sleep deprived, travel-exhausted state in Ireland, they all seemed rather the same and I'll have to regroup and sort them out. There may be a few of them published in the States; there may not. I visited several bookstores, and was vaguely appalled to find that Wimpy Kid is just as popular in Ireland as it is here.

Managed to visit a library in every town that I went to, with the exception of Kilkenny, but I visited two in Dublin to make up for it. This picture is of me in front of the public library on Inis Mor (in the pouring rain). The island has 750 people, so it is a little bigger than the population of my middle school (600). I must say that my library has a much better collection. We are very fortunate with our libraries in the states, and seeing the problems that

public libraries have in Ireland, it will be very difficult for me to complain about anything that happens, as long as I still have a job.

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  1. Anonymous4:26 PM EDT

    What a wonderful trip! Went there many, many years ago with my mother before my oldest was born and had a great time...although it was the rainiest summer they had had in 40 years. Let's keep our fingers crossed that the levy passes...