Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Skateboarding Books-- The Rant

There are some reluctant readers who only want to read books about skate boarding. This is difficult when the only books I have been able to locate (after much searching) on the topic are the following:

Christopher. Skateboard Tough
Gutman. Getting Air
Maddox. Board Rebel, Skate Park Challenge
Mantell. (Christopher) Skateboard Renegade
Peters. One Smooth Move. (Low)
Withers. Skater Stuntboys
Zucker. Skateboard Power. (Low)

We can include Michael Harmon's Skate for older readers. There is some language, and the story is more about abuse and running away.

Most of these are simplistic books, and try to push some social agenda that doesn't make the readers happy. Getting Air and Skater Stuntboys (which I need to read) are probably the best.

The rant-- why does Spinelli taunt me with a cover like this when the book is only tangentially about skate boarding? The main character is more concerned with the fact that protons decay, and the plot involves family relationships more than anything else. It's not even as humorous as the boys want. Sigh. This is fine, but not what I was expecting and I was disappointed.

Someone PLEASE write a book about boys who hang out at a skate park and get in only small amounts of trouble. Describe some of the jumps, maybe a local skate store that they hang around. A mystery, perhaps, which the skaters solve even though they are vastly misunderstood by the community because they tend to wear John Deere shirts when they don't know anything about the tractors. This would be popular.


  1. Anonymous6:13 PM EDT

    Well, let's see. I think I can do that. I've got one 16 year old skate filmer, and a 15 year old skate photographer, a publishing company for reluctant readers ( and I work in the skateboarding capital of the world, Carlsbad, CA.

    What age/reading level group would you like to see this written for? I'm thinking maybe a reading level about two years younger than the age, for the high interest/low level kids...and lots of photos. What's your thought on this?

  2. Hello, I have written a fiction book about skateboarding. The title is Skateboard Daze at Hollywood High. I suggest you check it out. It is written from an insiders perspective which kids seem to really appreciate. I use the current skateboard terminology and am myself a skateboarder and have been for 17 years.

  3. Niki Holsinger8:39 PM EST

    I would LOVE to find a book series like Ms. Yingling was describing. I have a 7 year old that does not enjoy reading at all. He just told me the other day that if he had books about skateboarding he would like to read. So I am on the search for books about skateboarding now. I think you are on the right track Mr Gould and have everything you need to start. Please let me know if you do!!
    Niki Holsinger

  4. Hello, perhaps your reader's might be interested in my book Skateboard Blues. A teen girl is the main character, however, but there's plenty in the book about skateboard parks, rad tricks and what-no. The book is basically a teen romance. I hope this might help!

    Sydell Voeller