Thursday, September 11, 2008

Last three Stine

Rather enjoyed Wrong Number, even if it was outdated-- with caller identifiction, does anyone make prank calls anymore? There aren't even any phone booths from which to make them. Still, a decent mystery about students who make prank calls until one call is answered by a woman who is being murdered. When they try to find the woman, they get in all sorts of trouble. The boy is blamed for the murder, and his sister and her friend do some dangerous detective work to try to free him. Wrong Numer 2 was not quite as good-- the bad guy is baaaaack. Phone Calls is another Stine that isn't horror (How I Broke Up With Ernie being the other one). It was supposed to be funny, but since it was all in dialogue, it was too annoying for me to enjoy.

That's it for the Stine, I do believe. And no, Frequent Blog Readers, I do not intend to read all of the nonfiction books after I am finished with the fiction!

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