Friday, September 07, 2007

Todd Strasser's Mob Princess

Can only think that Todd Strasser has fallen on hard times. When I think of this author, I think of social issue books like Give a Boy a Gun and Can't Get There From Here, or some serviceable humor or adventure books. While the first book in this series (For Money and Love) was sort of fun, and I bought it sight unseen because it deals with the Mafia and an odd number of students ask for this sort of thing, it was...pulpy? Dime novelish? I guess I was expecting something more along the lines of Korman's Son of the Mob, with some self-deprecating humor. It read like someone said "Todd, we would like you to write a book about a girl whose father is in the mob, and please include these plot twists."

That said, this will be popular. Will I put it into students' hands? No. More of a high school book, it has some intimations of sex and some alcohol. It would ruin the guilty pleasure if I handed it to someone.

Do I wish I hadn't bought it? Almost. Will this book start some reluctant readers on the series. Definitely. That's the fine line that has to be walked.

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