Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Jonathan Stroud

This author brought us the very witty and popular Amulet of Samarkand series, but before that he wrote a rather wonderful fantasy novel set in the English country side-- Buried Fire. An odd, possibly Celtic cross is unearthed beneath a church while the foundation is being shored up, and strange things start to happen. Michael and Stephen, two brothers, end up with otherworldly powers that torture them, and they soon find out that the cross has unleashed a dragon that has been slumbering underneath a hill near their village.

Reminded me a bit of Dorothy Sayers and something else-- well-paced, good character development, nice conclusion to the story, unlike so many fantasies that go on and on to many, many books. Some fantasy fans just want one book, and I will highly recommend this one.

And no, not just because he uses the word "wodge" which is such a satisfying word to say. Slips in a "needs must", too. Lovely use of language.

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