Thursday, April 27, 2006

Parnassus on Wheels-- A Pleasant Surprise

Well, here I thought I was going to be able to pull this Christopher Morley title and create more space on the shelves. Written in 1917, last checked out in 1975, it turned out to be a charming and delightful story that I must keep. Granted, it is closer to my heart, but there are still students who will enjoy it. The story of a woman living with her brother, a writer, who is approached by a bookseller to buy his business-- books, horse, dog and all. She has her egg money saved, buys it, and starts her adventuring. She likes selling books, but likes the bookseller a little bit more. *Sigh* Wonderful book. I almost am tempted to track down a copy of The Haunted Bookshop by the same author.

I don't run an archive, but books like this give interest and texture to the collection. I never get rid of a well-written book; there are enough books about ladies with cats and the skin on rice pudding (see previous entries) that can be tossed with relief to leave space for hidden gems like this one.

Also read Walter Dean Myers Crystal(1987). About a girl who starts a modeling career, there will be girls who want to read this.

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