Friday, April 28, 2006

Myer's It Ain't All For Nothing

Hmmm. This title, from 1978, didn't do much for me because it was depressing. It ended with a note of hope, but when Tippy's grandmother is ill and he must go live with his father, who is a layabout and thief, he takes up drinking some weird version of 70's alchopop and generally not doing well. It was not dated, well-written, and lots of my students who like depressing books will probably check this out.

That's always the important thing-- is it something that students will check out, even if I don't personally like it? Can I recommend it even if I don't like it? Obviously, some things are so utterly dreadful that the students don't want to read it, and if I am ever in doubt, I will have one of my avid readers try the book. If they feel the same way I do, I often pull the book. My goal is to have only decent books on the shelves, and I think I am succeeding. I've had many children look at my discard pile lately, and walk away without choosing anything to take home and keep. Usually, children would take home carpet lint if I were giving it away, so I'm pretty sure the books I am getting rid of are bad.

I need something fun this weekend to help was down two more Anne McCaffrey books.

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