Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Westerville Public Library ROCKS!

The Westerville Public Library is the greatest library in the world, because several years ago they instituted the Library Link, which delivers their books right to my school. This allows me to read the books before I buy them for my library, which is an enormous help since my budget has been greatly reduced. Students can request books that I don't have in my library, which is also hugely helpful. I'm sure the library have their reasons for doing this (increasing circulation), but this makes my life so much easier that I don't care what they are. They bring me all the books I want, right to school. Wow.

Never mind that I'm in a library all day surrounded by 14,000 books. There are never enough. So many, many thanks to Michael, who delivers all of my books. I really do read those piles of books that you slog through the rain and snow.

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